Wednesday, 2 February 2011

my first week on etsy

wow i hadnt realised it had been so long since i last blogged. ooops! very much neglected.
well ive ventured into the big and somewhat scary world of etsy.
i started listing things over the weekend and although my views are small they are creeping up slowly and i even have a few hearts, although this doesnt mean much but its very exciting for little ol me! oooh and ive already been featured in 2 treasury showcases. which is great exposure for my little shop and although it may only bring in a few looks its still all good news for my first week. so overall im happy it has gone well so far, cannot wait for my first sale!
here are the fab treasuries im featured in
and i thought i better make one of my own
im liking the etsy treasuries they are a great way of seeing shops that you might not see otherwise, and great if you love a style or colour.
Please take a look at my etsy shop!


  1. Hi Hannah, well done, lovely shop. Hope you have loads and loads and loads of sales. xxx

  2. Like your shop on etsy, have hearted it. Wishing you many sales. Great treasuries too