Wednesday, 1 December 2010


Just thought id share some pictures of the snow here in wales. we havent had that much snow compared with alot of the country but it is still nice and white!.

This is also the view i get from my craft room which is in the conservatory so i havent been able to get much done the past week because it has been to cold to work in there, i did try but gave up when i couldnt feel my toes or fingers!
I have resorted to moving my sewing machine into the living room but i dont have anywhere to do any jewellery making so its slowed production down, which is not great news when i am panicing about the 2day christmas market i have on the 11th/12th.
Just hoping the snow stays away that weekend and next weekend as it is my little boys 3rd birthday, he might end up having a sledging party if the snow stays put.

Below is a picture of Theo after i caught him eating the snowmans nose, we came to a compromise and i had to break the carrot in half so he could eat half and the snowman got to have a nose.

And sledging (Theo wanted to take his little toys sledging and we couldnt find anything to put them in so he didnt loose them in the snow, so they ended up in an empty pringles tube!)

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  1. awww they are sooo lovely! bless theo! he must have teeth of steel to eat that carrot bet it was rock solid! sledgign with pringles, thats new! :D xx