Thursday, 7 October 2010

Addicted to........

Fingerless gloves!! i love them, and every day someone lists some on folksy and i have to add them to my wanted list. i really dont think you can own to many pairs of fingerless gloves! can you??? ive never been a shoe or bag gal so i think gloves must be my weakness. and strangly i have been wanting the weather to get cold just so i can wear gloves and layer up. i always feel more confident in the winter, i love layering clothes and wearing a scarf. probably because i am a bit on the rounded side! ,
Anyway last week i did a swap with the lovely Sharon of bliss knits
i got some fabulous fingerless gloves that i LOVE! and then went back to buy some for my mum for a christmas pressie.
(i havent got a photo of mine but these are the ones i got my mum, mine are the same but in lovely autumn tones)

Here are some gloves from my wishlist. oh and i also have a new found love for chunky knit leg warmers, i havent seen many on folksy but i have seen some fab ones on etsy, so if anyone feels they would like to tempt me with some on folksy i might just have to get some!

click on the pics to be taken to the sellers shop!


  1. I love them too! I made my first ever pair recently, and since them my daughter has insisted I make her a pair and now my son wants some too! Phew, steep learning curve!

    Natalie x

  2. Thank you for including my gloves. I am actually a bit sad they were sold as I absolutely loved them and might make one more for myself :) However there are more colours on the way :)))

  3. Wow! Loads of yummy glubbs

  4. I'm so glad that you like your fingerless mitts, Hannah - I hope your mum does too! I'm sure my niece will love your bracelet for Christmas. The Christmas swap is such a good idea, isn't it?

    You've picked some great gloves here; it's lovely how they're all so different.

    Sharon x