Sunday, 31 October 2010

sunday showcase

Happy halloween everyone!
i just wanted t o do a quick blog to showcase some fabulous folksy sellers.
here are some of my favourite items from the trinket box, over the rainbow
and clares creations

over the rainbow clares creations
trinket box over the rainbow
clares creations trinket box

please click on the items to be taken straight to the sellers shop

i also wanted to take this opportunity to show of the amazing cardi that the very talented and lovely sue from over the rainbow made me for my little boy.

everyone comments on how gorgeous it is and it is just perfect!
sorry for the terrible picture!
this is me and my little boy on our weekend away in pembroke, with theo wearing his gorgeous cardi.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

folkfest day 26!

Once again i have been a useless blogger and member of the october folkfest on folksy. im very sorry!
so here are some of my favourite items that i have listed this past week
and today i noticed there were lots of pink items listed ...... so below are some fabulous pink things from the folkfesters to brighten a cold and wet day.

bargain halloween special
black heart and roses set

and 2 sets of vintage style earrings

below are some great pink items from fellow folksy sellers
please click on the pictures to be taken straight to the sellers shop.

Hannah. xx

Thursday, 21 October 2010

folksy friday "home sweet home"

Ive decided to do this weeks folksy friday on things i would love to buy for my home.

i desperately want to move house and have been feeling really down about it the past few weeks as i just want to move now and am totally fed up with not being able to find a suitable place to rent. so here are some of my fave homely items from folksy that i would love to buy if i had the money! or a house big enough to put them in!
so special items for My fantasy world home!

sweet suzy ditzy doll
juicy fig the old lamp shed
bread and butter blondedesign

Happy friday everyone and hope you all have a lovely weekend!

favourite folksy finds

Sorry i have been so useless at blogging recently!
I just wanted to do a quick blog today to show you all some of my favourite finds from folksys folkfesters.
It is very hard to get noticed on folksy and i sometimes wonder how people find me and i still feel very invisable surrounded by so many fabulous and talented crafters.
here are some items from some very talented sellers

please click on the pics to be taken straight to the sellers shop.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

promoting folksy

This is a poster ive made, i have added on my facebook page and have printed it off to stick around some local shops, cafes, and wherever else i can sneakily put it.
Hope it helps a few more people discover the wonder that is folksy!

Addicted to........

Fingerless gloves!! i love them, and every day someone lists some on folksy and i have to add them to my wanted list. i really dont think you can own to many pairs of fingerless gloves! can you??? ive never been a shoe or bag gal so i think gloves must be my weakness. and strangly i have been wanting the weather to get cold just so i can wear gloves and layer up. i always feel more confident in the winter, i love layering clothes and wearing a scarf. probably because i am a bit on the rounded side! ,
Anyway last week i did a swap with the lovely Sharon of bliss knits
i got some fabulous fingerless gloves that i LOVE! and then went back to buy some for my mum for a christmas pressie.
(i havent got a photo of mine but these are the ones i got my mum, mine are the same but in lovely autumn tones)

Here are some gloves from my wishlist. oh and i also have a new found love for chunky knit leg warmers, i havent seen many on folksy but i have seen some fab ones on etsy, so if anyone feels they would like to tempt me with some on folksy i might just have to get some!

click on the pics to be taken to the sellers shop!

Monday, 4 October 2010

october rocks!

After an absoloute dismal september both sales wise (on folksy and in real life) and generally things have already picked up within the first 4 days of october.
Over the weekend i made a few much needed sales and some items i was selling on ebay sold, only a few pounds but a fewmore pounds than i started the month with so i am very happy.
Also i am 1 sale away from the big 5-0! and i am so excited at th prospect of reaching 50 sales since i started in April.
i am continuing my list an item a day challenge along with lots of other lovely folksy peeps.
here are some of the items i have already listed in my folksy shop this month.

And some fabulous items from fellow October folkfesters