Thursday, 23 September 2010

Folksy Friday Seeing Stars!

This weeks folksy Friday, is some fabulous star items from the september stars
(a group of folksy folk who have joined a group aimed at listing one item a day throughout september)

Astrids garden moody cow designs
blue forest jewellery accidental vix
tait gallery topcats corner
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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Ghost hunting at the feathers

Just incase anyone wanted to know how my ghost hunting went i thought i would do a quick blog and show you some pics.

This was the first time we have been ghost hunting, and although i do believe in something i went with a very open mind and expected to not feel or see anything. The last house i rented was in a very small rural village and the house was cut into the edge of the graveyard, from the upstairs hall window you could almost touch a gravestone which was horrible. we had loads of unexplained things happen while we lived there and couldnt wait to move out but i wanted to see or hear things in an enviroment where other people could see the same thing, so i know it wasnt just me imagining things.

The venue was The feathers Hotel in Ludlow, which is a absoloutly stunning and full of character. The Hotel is internationally recognised for its beautiful Jacobean architecture and medieval heritage.

The night started with a 3 course meal in the old banquiting hall, we then went on a tour of the hotel and then explored in groups. One of the bedrooms is believed to be haunted and all the group instantly felt uneasy in the room. apparently the ghost of a woman is seen and felt in the room and if a couple are lay in the bed she often gets jelous and torments the female, pulling hair and on one occasion was believed to pull a woman from the bed.

I took some photos while a couple in our group lay on the bed and when i checked the photos later i found that the girl had a very bright orb on her leg.

im still not sure what to make of orbs, but i did take loads of photos whith no orbs but funnily everytime i took a photo in an area where we sensed something or heard something there is an orb or a cluster of orbs in the photo.

This was a picture of the chair in the bedroom, i took two photos of the same chair and the first has nothing on it then this second one has these orbs on it.

people who sit on the chair often get chills and a feeling of someone next to them.

When we joined with the paranormal investigator we went back to the room and tried contacting some spirits, we managed to contact the lady who the clairvoiant said was called elizabeth or lizzy,

it became clear she really liked one of the lads in the group, we tried yes and no questions with a crystal. i held the crystal out at arms length while the group asked questions, they asked if the spirit wanted to be contacted and the crystal started swinging, we then asked questions about who in the group she liked, when we asked if she liked one of the lads in the group the crystal started violently spinning in large circles. i kept my hands held out as steady as i could but the crystal continued to spin until we asked another question which caused it to go still.
if someone else had been holding the crystal i might have not believed and thought that they were spinning it but as i was holding it i cannot explain why is started spinning so irratically.
I will continue this blog tomorrow!
spooky ey!

Thursday, 9 September 2010

folksy friday friendly ghosts

Todays folksy friday is all about ghosts as tonight i am going ghost hunting in a supposed haunted hotel!
i just hope if i meet any ghost they are as friendly looking as this bunch.

lilac mist Diomo glass
love poppet skull and cross buns
Emma louise originals Gelert Design
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custom Owl bags

Wow i have really been neglecting my blog! i am so useless! here is a custom bag i made last week for someone that i am so pleased with. just wanted to show it off! have just added new custom slots to my folksy shop.
there are loads of pics of other ones i have made in the listing
So if anyone would like a lovely owl bag feel free to buy! he he.... they would make great christmas pressies.

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