Thursday, 29 July 2010

july jesters (the last week)

i havent had any time this week to do any blogging so here are all my jester items for this week.
all items can be found in my shop

and here are some items ive listed in my destash shop

Folksy friday (fab items under £3)

This week and the next few weeks or maybe even months my folksy Fridays are going to be items in a certain price range, starting this week with items £3 and under.
i have been so pleasantly surprised at some of the amazing things you can buy on folksy for under £3, I've loved looking for things in this price range and have found loads of little things I'm going to buy for Little Christmas pressie extras. next week i will be doing the price range of £3-£6 so i cant wait to see what treasures i find in this price range.
sorry this is such a large folksy friday i really couldnt decide on just 6 items, wish i couldve included more there were so many great items to choose from.

flower earrings £3
noodle bubble

set of 3 cards £3

asking for trouble

mini notebook £2.50

rara avis

various rings £3 each
mary elliot jewellery

apple cosy £2.50


(glass nugget spider, and ants) £1.50 each

diomo glass

"!" tissue holder £3


felt loop hairbands £2.50 each
the little wren

Lavender laze soap £1.75

the sleepy valley co

and because i couldnt decide on which of these items to choose from "have a thing about me" ive included both. mini sketchbook only £3 each and these fab little fuzzy felt badges, a set of 3 is only £3

have a thing about me SHOP NAME 2

Thursday, 22 July 2010

this weeks jester listings

For some reason this week ive just wanted to make bright and colourful things, not my normal style, maybe its my sub concious trying to cheer me up cos i must say im not feeling very bright and cheery! more exhausted, washed out and fed up! but ive loving making these things, especially the rainbow button bracelet that i love and would love to keep for myself.




Thursday, 15 July 2010

folksy friday Pink 'n' Green

This weeks folksy friday is inspired by my latest bag. made using some fab pink and green fabrics. i wasnt sure the colour combo would work but i love it! have found lots of other gorgeous pink and lime green items around folksy. in my opinion pink and lime green is this seasons must have!

lonely hearts

pink tree studios once upon a time in the north
cat among the pigeons oddgirl creates
eidelweiss mrs gibson

Thursday, 8 July 2010

if i was a rich girl! folksy friday

this weeks folksy friday are some of the items i would buy from the jesters if i had the money!
"if i was a rich girl" i would buy them all! and wear them all at once as i think they look fab together. Jester accessorizzzzzzing!

JAustenjewellery leannewoodsdesign
Moodycowdesign pants andpaper
whimsical wren redbird jewelery

July jesters day 8 catch up

Ive been so busy this week that i have hardly found time to list my jester items let alone blog and promote them so here are my listed items so far. and i will do my folksy friday on jester items so far. hopefully that will make up sligthly for my slackness of blogging other jesters stuff so far. sorry everyone!

Ialso listed new items in my destash shop

Friday, 2 July 2010

fabulous folksy crochet

This weeks folksy friday features some fabulous crochet items ive found on folksy
a pretty crochet flower
eva b design

A pretty crochet necklace

blue fish handmade

a great starter kit for crotchet
Rachel Henderson Crafts
How about some crochet thongs?

the sunroom
A fab crochet tea cosie

Andrea Lesley crochet
And some seriouisly cute little baby booties

Funky bootees
please click on the pics to be taken to the shop.