Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Day 9 of loonisy

Well ive made it to day 9 of the June loons, and although the month started of well it has slowed down a little now, seem to be having less views on my listings and im struggling to stay on top of my promoting. how do the rest of you find time to make items, list items, then blog, twitter, facebook, craftjuice etc then cook, clean look after children, pets etc etc..... and for those of you that hold down jobs aswell you are A-mazing and i cant imagine how you manage, you are like real life superwomen - (or men)!
Id love to know how everyone else manages to juggle everything and if anyone has any amazing tips on how to manage things or any time saving ideas id love to hear.
I've only really noticed how much time is involved with promoting my shop and items since joining the June loons, before i would list an item, maybe add it to craftjuice and that was it, i didnt really get very involved with the forums or promote new items.
And although it has been very hard work i feel it is paying off.

so anyway because i seem to have run out of time the past few days here are my day 7,8 and 9 listings and some of my faves from today from other loons.
and i really cant believe the sales tally, it is fantastic how many sales everyone has had. ""Big up the june loon massive!!""

And some of my favourites from other sellers.

An amazing fossil by Natalie

A lovely alice in wonderland necklace by Mary Elliot

And a stunning turquoise pendant by Jacqueline

There are so many lovely items its been so hard to choose today.


  1. Thank you so much for including my fossil in your blog today and lovely choices Hannah for your other favs! As you know I love Gemstones and Jacueline's Turquoise is beautiful! My little girl reminds me of Alice, not in looks but she seems to have been at the eat me, drink me potions and shot up all of a sudden!

    Natalie x

  2. Thank you for featuring so many lovely items and a special thank you for featuring the turquoise pendant - so glad you like it!

    I can not give you any tips on how to manage time, as I do such a bad job of it myself! I have a family (husband and two small boys) a cleaning job, a carers job and a jewellery business where I sell on line, at fairs and at two local shops. I just live in perpetual chaos!

    Something will have to go eventually -probably my mind!

    Jacqueline x