Monday, 28 June 2010

June loons - nearly the end :(

Ive been a bit rubbish this past week with my blogging and especially with my june loon updates so here is Last weeks june loon listings

The sales tally is looking amazing and i cant believe how quickly this month has gone.
im considering joining julys listing club but a bit worried that my folksy bill is already looking so high, amazing how quickly it mounts up!
Here are some of my favourite from other loons

a gorgeous bag by northfield primatives

i really love the colours in the crochet flower by heloiseV

these cushions are soooooo cute and summery (by polkadot and posies)

And a stunning (as always) necklace by the whimsical wren

think you will agree lots of lovely items today and it was hard to narrow it down.
on wednesday i am going to try and get a feature blog done with all my fave items from the loons from over the past month.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

froggy folksy friday

This weeks folksy friday in on frogs, for no reason at all! just because ive found some pretty cool frog hopping around folksy.

polkadot sundays creative knits
sixes and sevens The no such disco
off the hook nofkantscurios
please click the pic to be taken to the sellers shop

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Brecon Craft fair June

Here are some of my pics from yesterdays craft fair in Brecon. Not great photos and it doesnt look very nice with the sinks and worksurfaces behind me!
Although i did not sell much (a whole 2 items!) it was a lovely day and as always it was nice to talk to lovely people (apart from 1 very mean lady, if you have read my folksy forum post you will know what i mean!)

Thursday, 17 June 2010

RAINBOWS ROCK!! folksy friday

Im Not sure why ive chosen rainbows this week but im so glad i did! i LOVE all the items ive found and although i never usually wear bright colours seeing these items is making think i need some bright and colourful accessories in my brighten up me (and my home)!
the jewellery angel hand over your fairycakes
quernus crafts noodlefish crafts
vintage patchworker strawberry anarchy
Please click on the booootiful items to be taken to the sellers shop

Monday, 14 June 2010

Day 14 of the loons

Ive not had a chance to blog about my june loon listings since friday so i have bit of a back log of items to show off! tomorrow i am going to do a special blog about some of my favourite fellow joon loon sellers, with lots of pictures of their lovely items.
Please click on any of my items bellow to be taken to the item and my shop.
Thanks for looking

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Thank you skyjewels!

For the 1st time since joining folksy and entering all the giveaways i have finally won something!! wooo hooo.. a lovely paper necklace and earring set from skyjewels, It arrived thismorning and is lovely, the colour of the cord mathes my hair and i love the paper beads. They came in a lovely bronze organza pouch with this little thanks tag attatched wich i think is lovely. I am really chuffed so a big thank you to Sam! you can find skyjewels on facebook at
or on folksy

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Day 9 of loonisy

Well ive made it to day 9 of the June loons, and although the month started of well it has slowed down a little now, seem to be having less views on my listings and im struggling to stay on top of my promoting. how do the rest of you find time to make items, list items, then blog, twitter, facebook, craftjuice etc then cook, clean look after children, pets etc etc..... and for those of you that hold down jobs aswell you are A-mazing and i cant imagine how you manage, you are like real life superwomen - (or men)!
Id love to know how everyone else manages to juggle everything and if anyone has any amazing tips on how to manage things or any time saving ideas id love to hear.
I've only really noticed how much time is involved with promoting my shop and items since joining the June loons, before i would list an item, maybe add it to craftjuice and that was it, i didnt really get very involved with the forums or promote new items.
And although it has been very hard work i feel it is paying off.

so anyway because i seem to have run out of time the past few days here are my day 7,8 and 9 listings and some of my faves from today from other loons.
and i really cant believe the sales tally, it is fantastic how many sales everyone has had. ""Big up the june loon massive!!""

And some of my favourites from other sellers.

An amazing fossil by Natalie

A lovely alice in wonderland necklace by Mary Elliot

And a stunning turquoise pendant by Jacqueline

There are so many lovely items its been so hard to choose today.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

June loons day 6

Day 6.
Just a quick update of the items i've listed today and some of my
faves from other loons

And here are some of my favourite items from today listed by other sellers
A gorgeous purse by "moody cow designs"
(I really love the fabric on this)

A lovely and unusual bracelet by "steampunk storm"

And a picnic roll by "lemonade and lammingtons"
This is a fab idea for keeping cutlery tidy on picnics, im always so unorganised and just throw the knives and forks in with the food then end up with mangled fruit and burst yogurt pots! this is a great idea.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Day 5 with the June Loons

Day 5 in the June Loons house and i am definately feeling like a loon! for good reasons though, since becoming a loon i have sold 3 items from my shop! i am sooooo happy i have been grinning like a cheshire cat for the past few hours.

here is the necklace i listed today which has already sold!! i am loving making these style of necklaces and they have been selling well so i think i am going to try and concentrate on this style for a bit, they are exactly what i love to wear so its nice making and selling things that i love.

Here are some great items listed today by fellow loonies,