Sunday, 4 April 2010

commission Owl bag

This is my latest work, a custom owl bag. It is for one of my friends who wanted a bag making in purple. This has taken me alot longer than i'd hoped so i was so pleased to finish it today.
Mainly because my sewing machine has decided it no longer wants to work and has been breaking thread and missing stitches. On friday it nearly ended up in the rubbish but i stayed calm and took it all apart, cleaned it all then re greased and oiled it which has seemed to help a little. But it is still being very tempermental. I did manage to find a manual for it online today so im pleased about that as i've desperately been wanting to try free hand machine sewing, but i wasnt sure which setting to use. so hopefully after i get it working properly again i can give it a go. I also made a coffee pot warmer which was bit of an experiment, it isnt exactly how i imagined but will hopefully keep my coffee pot lovely and warm! looks lovely snug i think!

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