Thursday, 30 December 2010

folksy friday flood inspired

*-:¦:-•:*'""*:•.-:¦:-•:**-:¦:-• Happy Last friday of 2010! *-:¦:-•:*'""*:•.-:¦:-•:**-:¦:-• (and happy new year).
*-:¦:-•:*'""*:•.-:¦:-•:**-:¦:-•:*'""*:•.-:¦:-•:* *-:¦:-•:*
my last folksy friday of the year inspired by this weeks disaster of a burst pipe flooding my craft room.
so here are lots of lovely watery inspired items found on Folksy

the twisted fairies mimsical ceramics
maxine veronica dragon glass
the craft circus lucy Boden
*-:¦:-•:*'""*:•.-:¦:-•:**-:¦:-•:*'""*:•.-:¦:-•:* *-:¦:-•:*
please click on the pic to be taken straight to the sellers shop.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

folksy friday - silver

This weeks folksy friday is all about silver!
Here are some fabulous and unusual silver items i have found around folksy

spots and stripes silverfruit
ZMdesigns krcdesigns
loving spoonful lynk designs
please click on the pic to be taken straight to the sellers shop.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010


Just thought id share some pictures of the snow here in wales. we havent had that much snow compared with alot of the country but it is still nice and white!.

This is also the view i get from my craft room which is in the conservatory so i havent been able to get much done the past week because it has been to cold to work in there, i did try but gave up when i couldnt feel my toes or fingers!
I have resorted to moving my sewing machine into the living room but i dont have anywhere to do any jewellery making so its slowed production down, which is not great news when i am panicing about the 2day christmas market i have on the 11th/12th.
Just hoping the snow stays away that weekend and next weekend as it is my little boys 3rd birthday, he might end up having a sledging party if the snow stays put.

Below is a picture of Theo after i caught him eating the snowmans nose, we came to a compromise and i had to break the carrot in half so he could eat half and the snowman got to have a nose.

And sledging (Theo wanted to take his little toys sledging and we couldnt find anything to put them in so he didnt loose them in the snow, so they ended up in an empty pringles tube!)

yay its December!

Happy 1st of December!
My blogging went a bit out the window last month
so im going to make more of an effort during December.
to start the month of with this very quick blog
my little sock owl i listed today
and some other gorgeous items ive found on folksy today
(The items below are from folksy sellers/shops taking part in the listing an item a day challenge - the December Elves)
please click on the item to be taken straight to the sellers shop

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

November sparks day 9.

just a quick blog to show off the 2 items i have listed on folksy today and some fabulous items from fellow folksy sellers who are also partaking in the November sparks listing challenge.
9 days in and the team of sparks have had an impressive 472 combined sales!

Here are some of my favourite items listed today by other folksy sellers
please click on the pic to be taken straight to the sellers shop/item

Friday, 5 November 2010

yummy things - folksy friday

a folksy friday inspired by my love of cakes and yummy sweet things!
and the fact that as of monday i am officially on a diet! :(
so here are some fabulously yummy looking things ive found on folksy
charlies treasure chest topcats corner
pipinopolis uniquely different
sleepin dog asking for trouble
please click on the items to be taken straight to the sellers shop

Sunday, 31 October 2010

sunday showcase

Happy halloween everyone!
i just wanted t o do a quick blog to showcase some fabulous folksy sellers.
here are some of my favourite items from the trinket box, over the rainbow
and clares creations

over the rainbow clares creations
trinket box over the rainbow
clares creations trinket box

please click on the items to be taken straight to the sellers shop

i also wanted to take this opportunity to show of the amazing cardi that the very talented and lovely sue from over the rainbow made me for my little boy.

everyone comments on how gorgeous it is and it is just perfect!
sorry for the terrible picture!
this is me and my little boy on our weekend away in pembroke, with theo wearing his gorgeous cardi.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

folkfest day 26!

Once again i have been a useless blogger and member of the october folkfest on folksy. im very sorry!
so here are some of my favourite items that i have listed this past week
and today i noticed there were lots of pink items listed ...... so below are some fabulous pink things from the folkfesters to brighten a cold and wet day.

bargain halloween special
black heart and roses set

and 2 sets of vintage style earrings

below are some great pink items from fellow folksy sellers
please click on the pictures to be taken straight to the sellers shop.

Hannah. xx

Thursday, 21 October 2010

folksy friday "home sweet home"

Ive decided to do this weeks folksy friday on things i would love to buy for my home.

i desperately want to move house and have been feeling really down about it the past few weeks as i just want to move now and am totally fed up with not being able to find a suitable place to rent. so here are some of my fave homely items from folksy that i would love to buy if i had the money! or a house big enough to put them in!
so special items for My fantasy world home!

sweet suzy ditzy doll
juicy fig the old lamp shed
bread and butter blondedesign

Happy friday everyone and hope you all have a lovely weekend!